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Away from Everywhere tells the crushing story of brothers Owen & Alex Collins, and the unthinkable act of love that tears them apart.  

Nearing thirty-five, Owen is plagued by childhood demons, the ghosts of failed relationships, and a persistent feeling that his life lacks meaning. When Alex arranges for Owen to stay with his wife and family, what feels like a new beginning becomes one last wrong turn. Part warped love story, part family tragedy, Away from Everywhere is a heart-stomping pageturner.

The Film Adaptation

Away from Everywhere was adapted into a film starring Jason Priestley, Shawn Doyle, and Joanne Kelly.

Check out the IMDB profile, CBC article, or CTV News piece. It’s currently streaming for free on Plex.tv.

Select Accolades


ArtsNL CBC Emerging Artist of the Year


Canadian Author Association Emerging Writer Award


A Coles Best Seller and Chapters Most Requested Book in 2009

Select Reviews

“Gripping from page one, Away from Everywhere is a finely crafted novel from one of the most talented young writers to come out of Newfoundland in recent years.” – Kenneth J. Harvey, Internationally bestselling author of Inside and Blackstrap Hawco

“This emotionally wrenching story made me cry. It also made me lament not having written it. His writing is both articulate and lyrical. A fascinating and tender portrait of a soul in torment.” – M.T. Dohaney, award-winning author of The Corrigan Women

“A book that will continue to call you back to it. A book you could read many times over. A book that requires a lot of pauses. Pauses to think, reflect, discuss, and most importantly, breathe. Pelley’s great talent lies with his descriptions.” – Kathleen Spencer, Ryerson Free Press

“What shines from this novel is Pelley’s ability to convey his lead character’s pain and inner turmoil; his misery lifts real from the page. We should look forward to the honing and unfolding of this writer’s evolving voice.” – Bruce Johnson, Atlantic Books Today

“Complex themes woven tightly together … There is a streamlined dynamic to the structure and the prose, as riveting and inevitable as a car flying off the wet highway. And the structure is tightly built as a racecar chasis. [A] very good book.” – Joan Sullivan, The Telegram

“It opens up in the aftermath of a car crash, and does not let up from that brutal, mid-crisis opening.” – Ashley Fitzpatrick, The Telegram

“Artful and gripping writing. I can turn to any page and instantly feel despair and longing within any one sentence. This book is for the passionate.” –Caitlyn McCann, The Brock Press 

“Chad Pelley’s new novel is a beautiful bruising experience. There is humor in these pages as well as tragedy and deep humanity, all tied together with great storytelling. Read it.” – Award-winning author Samuel Martin, Dark Art Cafe

“Brilliantly crafted. Away from Everywhere will make any reader believe they are one with what they are reading … [a] masterpiece.”
– Ivana Pelisek, Interoobang

“Award-winning short story scribe Chad Pelley has gone all-out in his first full-length novel Away From Everywhere … [a] stunning and somber portrait of the family ties that can both bind us and tear us apart.” – Stephen Clare, The Chronicle Herald

“Cuts deep … a searing story … Pelley’s work is finely-tuned and picks up on the many subtleties that characterize family relationships and romatic love … this is one absorbing read that will have you hooked from the opening lines and have you haging on.” – Darrell Squires, The Western Star

“You know you’re on the right career path when you have the likes of Kenneth J. Harvey calling you ‘one of the most talented writers to come out of Newfoundland in many years.’ … a powerful and poignant look at the ups and downs of love.” – From the feature article, The Next Wave, in Atlantic Books Today

“One of those books that wound and stab us … a riveting first novel … this book is a hard and honest view of relationships; of love and what we lose to it … Be forewarned — forget the tissues, you’ll need band-aids after reading this one!” – A Season to Read.com

“Pelley’s writing style is attention grabbing. From page one he sucks you in and gives you a world of hardship and struggle that is excitingly gritty and keeps your attention throughout. Certainly a new fictioneer to keep your eyes on. A recommended read for sure.” – Stephen Rowe, Award-winning poet and book blogger.

“Pelley is a gifted writer who, no doubt, we will hear a lot from in the future.” – Sue Carter Flinn, The Coast

“A good eye for description, with an almost poetic air to the physicality of his characters. Pelley achieves some affecting moments of true transcendence; his is a talent to watch for.” – Corey Redekop, The Shelf Monkey

“Newfoundland writer Chad Pelley has written the most powerful novel I have read in some time. The characters are full of both the wonder and anguish of life and the writing is crisp and doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of life in 2010.” – Staff review (Kerri) at Bryan Prince Bookseller