Chad's Bedroom Demos

Chad Pelley playing a guitar at Eastern Edge Gallery

Chad grew up playing music in bars; he was so young his mother had to sign permission slips so he could play underage to drunk people twice his age. But then he got old and everyone settled down, so he started recording demos in his bedroom instead. Even though he could clearly use a singer and drummer for his songs, not to mention a recording engineer. But hey, it’s fun.


“Eleven fully-realized acoustic tracks with rich lyrics and dreamy vocals all peppered with inventive instrumentation.”

Erin Power

The Scope

“An album full of thoughtful lyrics, gently strummed acoustic, well-placed solos and drums. From someone who claims he can’t play some of these instruments, he could have fooled me. It’s authentic as hell.” 

– Steve Haley, 365 Days of Albums.

“Pelley is better known for writing award winning fiction than writing songs, but that may soon change. There is some beautiful guitar work [and] he has this great world-weary baritone reminiscent of early Beck, Hayden and Eels.”

Damian Lethbridge, The Scope