Communications Plans

To ensure the success of your campaigns.


To engage your audience, whomever (and wherever) they are.

Graphic Design

To catch your audience’s attention and engage them with your call to action.

Website Management

Including website builds, information architecture, and SEO optimization.

To build your brand and maximize your success (however you define success), everything you put out into the world, from social media posts to newsletters to paid advertising, needs to align with your company’s content strategy, or the pre-defined goals of a specific campaign or event’s communications plan.

If you’re not sure what is meant by a communications plan, or a “content pillar,” you will benefit greatly from having a communications professional take care of your overall content strategy or event/campaign communications planning for you.

My content strategies and communications plans are tailored specifically your organization’s goals, and emphasize your distinguishing features.

My communications plans have successfully met the needs of a wide variety of clients, from helping the Health Care Foundation raise a million dollars for new medical equipment, or something as simple as ensuring full attendance at a literary festival.

Your words, not your ambitions, projections, or best intentions are what will resonate with your audience.

It takes considerable patience and skill to hone every sentence so it is clear and convincing, and so it matches your organization’s persona and meets its goals.

For longer projects like an annual report, or website copy, it can be weeks of work to conduct interviews or research and turn those notes into engaging, concise communications.

I have 15+ years of experience in copywriting. In fact, my first job in marketing and communications was with Atlantic Canada’s largest ad agency, m5. Clients have included industry-leading organizations like Pennecon and North Atlantic Petroleum to clients as small or niche as Juno award winning bands and provincial non-profits.

But experience doesn’t speak for itself. The work does. And my writing has won more than a dozen awards and won over a considerable roster of clients. 

In this digital age of information overload and the endless scroll, it is getting harder and harder to catch people’s attention and illicit a response from them, 

That’s where design comes in. For example: 

If you’re posting social media updates without properly sized and professionally rendered graphics, you’re almost invisible out there, no matter how hard you try.

If you’re making an annual report or a poster, and not applying the best practices of graphic design, you will not hook the modern human, and you’ll be wasting the cost and effort of your poster or report.

Proper graphic design is partially about catching someone’s eye, but more importantly, it’s about presenting information in a way that makes it digestible to the modern media consumer. If you don’t know what is meant by “using contrasting fonts” or “proper alignment,” you will benefit from outsourcing your graphic design. 

Your website is your foundational communications tool. It should be treated as such. It’s how most people will find you, learn about you, and contact you. 

To build your website (or re-launch it), I conduct a content clustering session to determine who your audiences are, and what type of information they would come to your website for. 

From there I build you a website using information architecture best practices that ensure a flawless suer experience on your website. This means any type of user coming to your website can find exactly what they’re looking for, as quickly as possible. That’s trickier than it sounds, and is achieved through multi-faceted menu structures and on-page navigation tools, for both computers and mobile devices.

I also ensure tour website is Search Engine Optimized, so you’re among the first results in search engines like Google. My number of client websites services is now beyond 75 and growing.

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